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Career & Job Search Strategy Session with Charnay

Career & Job Search Strategy Session with Charnay

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About Your Coach
Charnay Horton

CEO at Resume Addict

Charnay’s credentials and specialties: Charnay is the CEO at Resume Addict. She has 10 years of senior recruitment experience in a multitude of different industries. In addition, she has been featured on GMA, The Today Show and Insider. She has written an impressive 4,000 resumes and has a social media community of 300k+.
The Career Strategy Session is a personalized career advice session with Charnay, designed to guide professionals and help them understand where their strong suits are and what the next steps should be for their careers. This one-on-one consultation is tailored to individuals seeking strategic insights to elevate their professional profiles and stand out in their respective fields. Charnay will ask you questions to better understand you, and as a result, will provide her feedback. 

Participants can expect to gain:

Career Evaluation:

We’ll discuss the client’s current career situation, aspirations, and any specific challenges they are facing.

We’ll conduct a self-assessment to identify strengths, skills, and areas for improvement. Discuss how individual strengths align with career goals and identify skills that may need further development.

    Find Potential Career Paths & Opportunities:

    We’ll explore potential career paths and opportunities based on the individual's interests, values, and skills. You’ll refine and articulate short-term and long-term career goals.

      Learn Effective Job Search Strategies:
      We’ll discuss effective job search strategies, including online job boards, networking, and leveraging social media.
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