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Started as a Senior Recruiter, and ended up leading the resume game... on purpose.

Friend, my journey started back in 2012. I graduated college, majored in PR and Marketing, and had no idea what was next. I just knew I needed money! I found a Recruiting Coordinator job and I said "close enough" and applied. I had to review a ton of resumes daily and noticed the candidates had the background, but struggled with talking about their strengths - especially people of color. It sparked the idea of starting Resume Addict in 2015 as a side hustle. I wrote thousands of resumes for free, trying to make an impact on my community. Fast forward to 2020, I got laid off. I had 5,000 followers at the time and said if being a full-time entrepreneur doesn't work out, I'll go back to recruiting. Now it's 2024 and I have 300k+ followers, an amazing team of resume experts, our team has written 6,000+ resumes, recruited for multiple industries and I've been featured in major news outlets like The Today Show, Insider, GMA, The Shaderoom, and many more! WOW! I am grateful to do what I love and invite you to hire my team of resume experts to help you. - Charnay, CEO at Resume Addict

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