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Resume Advice Session with Madeline

Resume Advice Session with Madeline

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About Your Coach
Madeline Calixte

Director of Resume Writing at Resume Addict

Madeline’s credentials and specialties: She specializes in college graduates, entry to management level, and career elevations in a variety of industries with an emphasis on healthcare, higher education, business administration, social services, and more. She has written 500+ resumes, has 5+ years of recruiting experience, and 5+ years of career and guidance counseling experience.
The Resume Advice Session is an exclusive one-on-one consultation with Madeline, designed to empower individuals in maximizing the impact of their resumes. The session is tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects by creating a standout resume that effectively showcases their unique strengths and accomplishments.

Participants can expect to gain:

Resume Evaluation: 
Evaluating the overall format, structure, and content, identifying areas that may need improvement.

    Expert Strategy Discussion: 
    Discuss strategies for optimizing the content of the resume. This may include refining the professional summary, highlighting key achievements, and ensuring alignment with the desired job or industry.

      Advice on Formatting & Layout: 
      Providing advice on resume formatting and layout to enhance visual appeal and readability. Discussing the importance of a clean, well-organized design.

        Tips for Customizing Resume to Your Search: 
        Discuss the importance of tailoring the resume for specific roles. Provide tips on customizing the resume to align with the requirements of the target job. 
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