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LinkedIn Advice Session with Shara

LinkedIn Advice Session with Shara

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About Your Coach
Shara Kyles

Sr. Strategic Resume Analyst at Resume Addict

Shara's credentials and specialties: Shara is a seasoned Executive Resume Writer with over 10 years of Human Resources experience. Known for delivering exceptional results, Shara collaborates closely with clients to create personalized resumes that highlight their unique value. In addition to resume writing, Shara provides guidance in optimizing LinkedIn profiles and crafting cover letters, empowering professionals to stand out in a competitive market. Committed to staying updated on industry trends, Shara delivers cutting-edge solutions and consistently exceeds expectations in helping clients achieve their career objectives.

 This 30-minute LinkedIn Advice Session is a focused and concise opportunity for individuals to receive guidance on optimizing their LinkedIn profiles and leveraging the platform for professional networking and career advancement. 

Participants can expect to gain:

LinkedIn Profile Evaluation: 
The session would start with a thorough review of the individual's LinkedIn profile. This involves assessing the completeness, professionalism, and overall effectiveness of the profile.

    Personalized Tips & Strategies: 
    Providing personalized tips and strategies to optimize the LinkedIn profile. 

      Enhance Profile Visibility: 
      Discuss strategies to enhance profile visibility, such as making the profile public, joining relevant groups, and engaging in industry-specific conversations.

        Learn Networking Strategies: 
        Guidance on effective networking strategies, including connecting with colleagues, industry professionals, and alumni.

          Learn Effective Job Search Strategies: 
          Insights on using LinkedIn for job searching and discovering career opportunities. Discuss the importance of building a strong professional network.

            LinkedIn Section Overview: 
            Exploring various features of LinkedIn, such as job alerts, skill endorsements, and the "Open to Work" badge. 

              Actionable Roadmap: 
              Actionable steps and a roadmap for the individual to continue optimizing and leveraging LinkedIn effectively after the session.

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