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Interview Preparation Session with Charnay

Interview Preparation Session with Charnay

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About Your Coach
Charnay Horton

CEO at Resume Addict

Charnay’s credentials and specialties: Charnay is the CEO at Resume Addict. She has 10 years of senior recruitment experience in a multitude of different industries. In addition, she has been featured on GMA, The Today Show and Insider. She has written an impressive 4,000 resumes and has a social media community of 300k+.
This one-on-one consultation with Charnay is tailored for professionals seeking strategic insights to effectively communicate their value proposition during interviews and secure job offers.
Participants can expect to gain:
Figure Out Your Goals: 
We’ll begin by setting the agenda for the session and understanding your specific goals and concerns regarding upcoming interviews.
Learn to Research the Role: 
Discuss the importance of thoroughly researching the job role, company culture, and industry.
Mock Interview Practice: 
Review common interview questions and discuss effective strategies for answering them. We’ll guide you on structuring responses and incorporating relevant examples.
Explore Interview Techniques: 
Explore behavioral interview techniques and discuss the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) for answering behavioral questions.
Learn Effective Body Language in Interviews: 
Addressing the significance of body language and non-verbal communication during interviews.

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