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Exploratory Conversation

Exploratory Conversation

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NOTE: This is NOT an advice session. If you want coaching on what to do next with your resume, career, or job search, click here to book one of our Career Tea sessions


At Resume Addict, we understand that every career journey is unique, and finding the right path to your dream job can be overwhelming. That's why we're excited to offer personalized consultation calls designed to explain our resume-writing process and illustrate how our expert services can elevate your job search.  


What to Expect from Your Consultation Call:
Service Overview: Get an in-depth understanding of our services, from resume writing to coaching sessions and our digital products.
Value Proposition: Learn why Resume Addict is the preferred choice for job seekers. We'll highlight our success stories, client testimonials, and what sets us apart from other resume-writing services.
Next Steps: We'll outline the process of working with us, including timelines, pricing options, and how we collaborate with you to bring your professional story to life.

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